ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor - 1 day module


The ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor Accreditation Program is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of those individuals who wish to obtain a scientific approach to the instructing of Flat Water SUP.


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Course Overview

Location Vieux Boucau, France
Language English*
Check-in 15:00
Course Start 15:30
Course End 13:00
Costs € 229,00

* The course will take place in English language only

included Services

  • 1 day course, course manuals and workbooks, worksheets, boards, examination fees - there are no hidden costs in our courses! The only fee to be paid on the spot is the "taxe de séjour", a French tourism tax that is always collected by the accommodation provider and goes straight to the authorities.
  • Full board: Rich breakfast buffet, beach snack, dinner
  • AS GREEN ROOM: thanks to our partner VERIVAL BIO we can offer almost all food in organic quality (depending on the availability of the bread we have to buy in France) - this results in more energy for surfing and is also better for mother earth :)
  • ISA membership (1 year)
  • Name appears in ISA Surf Coach Online Register for one year
  • Accreditation
  • AS job service: We are in contact with many surf schools and camps and forward their job offers to 'our' instructors. It is our endeavour to not only provide one course, but also try to help you find a job and your way of life as a surfer and a friend of AS.

As we have been receiving quite a few requests lately: Please understand that it is not possible to do the course without food for organisational and logistical reasons. We are happy to have an appropriate location for the course, as a result of its infrastructure we can run the course as smooth and time efficient as possible!

Accomodation is in the Atlantic Surf Lodge - check out The Atlantic Surf Lodge stands for the highest standard in surf coaching and is therefore the perfect location for our courses.

Contact number: +33 5 58 48 31 37

Getting there

Train (for cheap train fares check your national railroad companies and for early-booking-specials check or to DAX, car (please use our special Facebook group for car-pooling), Rip Curl Express or plane (to Biarritz, from there by bus to Vieux Boucau:

From Dax you take a bus to Soustons:  and then to Vieux Boucau les Bains:  

As you are experienced surfers and travellers we just want to remind you of the most important things:

  • Sport / jogging shoes
  • Pen and paper!
  • Travel insurance, vaccinations, first-aid-kit (if you are not sure what to bring please consult a travel medicine center)


  • Complete the registration form for your course with all required fields.
  • Your registration automatically (and FOR FREE) makes you an Austrian Surfing 1 - the 1st Austrian Surfing Club community member, which is a prerequisite for participating in the course and being awarded the accreditation
  • Payment of course fee
  • You are receiving the invoice, the course manuals, etc. as soon as (and only if!) you have made the payment AND registered; the invoice is also the reservation of your place!

SUP skills (see "Course Content & Exams"):

If the necessary SUP skills cannot be shown during the course, the participants can send in a video by 1 year after the course. Please note that in this case accreditation cannot be issued before we have received the videos. However, you will receive a document stating you have participated for use in the tax office, employment center etc.

Other prerequisites:

  • Surf Coach Lifesaver Award
  • The certificate can also be handed in later (up to 1 year) - please note that in this case the accreditations cannot be issued before we have received your certificate. However, you will receive a document stating you have participated for use in the tax office, employment center etc.
  • 10 hours practical in a SUP school / camp
  • We only need an email by the camp manager / head coach (sent to as a proof of your practical. The email can also be sent in later (up to 1 year) - please note that in this case the accreditation cannot be issued before we have received the email. However, you will receive a document stating you have participated for use in the tax office, employment center etc.

Content of the coaching courses:

  • Improving the future coach´s SUP skills (including video analysis)
  • Teaching theoretical subjects
  • Delivery of the practical lesson
  • Fun!

Table of contents:

ISA’s SUP Instructor Accreditation Program:

Module 1: Role of the instructor
- Qualities of a good instructor
- The community roles
- Environmental Organizations

Module 2: Safety of the paddler in your care
- Duty of care
- Safety guidelines
- Paddling and weather conditions
- Hazards
- Access
- Risk management
- Venue analysis

Practical session 1: Venue analysis and beginner SUP lesson demonstration

Module 3: Equipment for the beginning SUP rider
- Equipment
- Maintenance & Storage

Module 4: Instructing methods
- How to teach skills
- Teaching methods
- Instructional Evaluation
- Inclusive instructing
- Presenting the lesson
- The essence of instructing

Module 5: Skill Development
- Characteristics
- Core Skills
- Kneeling
- Standing
- Paddling
- Dismount
- Paddle turning
- Class Control and Safety
- Enclosed flat water SUP skills

Module 6: Program planning
- Planning the lesson

Workshop 1: Planning the lesson

Practical session 2: Delivering the planned lesson

Practical session 3: Demonstrate basic SUP skills

Workshop 2: Assessing lesson delivery

Appendix 1: Assessment
- Venue analysis assessment sheet
- Lesson planning assessment sheet
- Lesson delivery assessment sheet
- SUP skills assessment sheet
- Post course checklist

Appendix 2: National Training Standards
- ISA Recommendations
- ISA Standards Checklist

Appendix 3: Steps to level 1 accreditation
- Accreditation requirements
- National instructor accreditation scheme

Level 1 SUP instructor details

Appendix 4: Further Information
- Contact Details
- Online Shop
- Organisations / Reading & Resources


  • Written exams covering all parts of the course manual
  • worksheets and essays
  • Practicals: teaching theoretical subjects and delivering the practical lesson
  • SUP skills (demonstrating beginner techniques as well as own skills): The candidate must show that they can negotiate triangular circuit, demonstrate turning, effective paddling, self rescue, and pivot turns.

If all prerequisites for participation are met and the examinations have been passed, the licenses are issued.

Validity of the accreditation: 1 year


Check your status: Click and follow the instructions.

Oesterreichischer Wellenreitverband - Austrian Surfing
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Rathausplatz 2
3100 St. Poelten
IBAN: AT141200051467026415

Please note "ISA FW SUP Instructor" in the money transfer!

You are receiving the invoice, the course manuals, etc., as soon as (and only if!) you have made the bank transfer AND registered; the invoice is also the reservation of your place! The payment should be made at least 4 weeks before the course. It is NOT possible to pay in cash on the spot for legal reasons. If the money transfer has not arrived in our account by the start of the course, a 50 € processing fee applies!

Cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation until 3 months before the course start or cancellation due to exceptional incidents (i.e. if Austrian Surfing cannot run the course): Only a 50 € booking fee applies. This booking fee covering our administrative office services (course lists, emails, invoices, etc.) applies for every booking and can under no circumstances be reduced or waived.
  • Cancellation between 3 months and 1 month before the course start: 150 € cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation between 1 month and 2 weeks before the course start: 50% of the course fees are charged.
  • Cancellation within 2 weeks before the course start: 80% of the course fees are charged.
  • No-show: Full course fee is charged.
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