Training, championships and sustainability

13.04.2019 - 20.04.2019
ISA and AS Surf Instructor Level 1 FranceLevel 1Vieux Boucau, France
20.04.2019 - 23.04.2019
NARS Surf Coach Lifesaver AwardVieux Boucau, France
21.04.2019 - 28.04.2019
AS and ISA Surf Instructor Level 1 PortugalLevel 1Central Portugal, Portugal
28.04.2019 - 01.05.2019
10.05.2019 - 13.05.2019
NARS Surf Coach Lifesaver AwardVieux Boucau, France
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Austrian Surfing: facts, mission & vision

Austrian Surfing is recognized by (and a member of) the BSO (Austrian Sports Organization, the National Sports Authority in Austria), ISA (International Surfing Association) and ESF (European Surfing Federation) as the NGB (National Governing Body) for surfing in Austria.  

Our mission is the sustainable development of surfing as an activity with a very close contact to nature. Our vision is a world where surfing can be enjoyed on a 100% sustainable basis.  

As a consequence, sustainability is an integral part of our philosophy in form of the AS Green Room and we are part of the SUNRISE project, which is funded by the EU and establishes sustainable surfing trips in Europe by the creation of the Green Room Surf Alliance as a premium / special membership of the Surf School Alliance.

Surf Instructor courses & more

We offer world-renowned, high quality Austrian Surfing and ISA Surf and SUP Instructor, ISA Judge, SLSGB Lifesaver and AS Riversurf Instructor courses in the prime surfing destinations in Europe.  

Our Level 1 and Level 2 instructor courses consist of the official ISA courses plus extra modules developed by Austrian Surfing to cater for the special needs of surf camps. This combination has established our coaching program as the most requested one in surf camps in Europe and worldwide.  

The ISA Judge course is included for free in our Level 2 courses to add extra quality knowledge about competitive surfing.

Our Riversurf Instructor courses are the first and still only official instructor courses in riversurfing worldwide!  

In 2017 (April 18 - 24) the first Federal Austrian Surf Instructor course is organised in cooperation with the BSPA, the Austrian Federal Sports Academy. For information please use our contact & request form.

Austrian Surfing Championships (ASC)

The Austrian Surfing Championships are one of our highlights: every year in mid - end September the Austrian surfing scene is meeting in one of the most famous surfing destinations in Europe - in Ericeira, Portugal - for a few days of surfing, enjoying the beaches, sun & sea, and partying together.  

The waiting period of the ASC 2017 is from Sept 18 - 22. For questions please contact    

All communication regarding riders meeting, selection of the contest day(s), etc. will be on our Facebook page, where also all contest photos, etc. can be found. Come join us!

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