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Green Room Surfing philosophy

The green room (also known as "tube" or "barrel"; referring to the room that forms “inside the wave” as it breaks very hollow) is without doubt the ultimate goal and favorite location of every surfer. Once inside, you wish to get back again and again and again, if you make it back out, you experience a flash of adrenaline, energy and joy that is not comparable to anything else, a true gift of nature. With our AS GREEN ROOM, we wish to thank nature for providing us with all those great moments we experience. To make Austrian Surfing as "green" as possible in all aspects is paramount to us.

The AS GREEN ROOM is therefore a recurrent green theme on our website – from the surf instructor courses to the championships to links of interesting projects:

  • During our Surf Instructor Courses and AS Champs the food is almost 100% organic (only the bread for breakfast is sometimes locally not available in organic quality). Our Partner Verival Bio supports us with a lot of organic products, regional and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables are bought locally.
  • In the Atlantic Surf Lodge in France all waste is separated, since 2011 we are also taking measures against the use of one-way plastic bottles: These are not available in the lodge anymore, every participant gets his own reusable and dishwasher-able water bottle for the week, it is to be refilled with tap water (the water in France has good drinking water quality).
  • There is a bike for every participant to get to the beach environmentally friendly. 
  • There is an own theory session in our instructor courses dealing with "Surfing and the environment". So our surf instructors are not only multiplicators of professional quality surf courses, but also of a sustainable way of life.

Under surfing & environment you will find some thoughts on the interaction between man, sports in general, surfing in particular and our environment, particularly the ocean.

In the section environment & economy, we wish to question the conflict between "the environment" and "the economy" so frequently discussed in the media. "Smart sponsoring" (in the same section) addresses companies that are wishing to support us on our path.  

So: Let's go green!

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