ISA / ILS Water Safety Course and SLSGB Surf Coach Lifesaver Award

Due to the legal conditions we can only recognise internationally valid certificates that entitle the holder to work as a lifesaver or lifeguard in an ocean environment - courses done in pools, lakes, rivers or the various courses for other water activities with some sort of connection to the topics First Aid and Beach Lifesaving cannot be recognised as this could lead to substantial troubles in case of an emergency.  

As we are well aware of the fact that a lot of the certificates that are around these days are not meeting these requirements, we are happy to be able to offer - in cooperation with our partner and waterman Dean Gough - the ISA / ILS Water Safety Course in combination with the Surf Lifesaving Great Britain (SLSGB)Surf Coach Lifesaver Award, and thus the two most renowned lifesaving accreditations worldwide, directly after the Surf Instructor courses.


  • To establish a standard, which creates a level of competence in life saving enabling back up to qualified lifeguards

Course presenter:

  • Dean Gough


15.02.2025 - 18.02.2025
Still places available

Course Overview

Location Fuerteventura, Spain
Duration 3 days
Language English*
Check-in 15:00
Course Start 15:30
Course End 13:00
Costs € 429,00

* The course will take place in English language only

included Services

  • 3 days course, worksheets, beginner boards, examination fees - there are no hidden costs in our courses!
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Full board: Breakfast, beach snack, dinner
  • SLSA membership (1 year)
  • Lifesaver Certificate

As we have been receiving quite a few requests lately: please understand that it is not possible to do the course without food and accommodation for organisational and logistical reasons. We are happy to have an appropriate location for the definitely demanding course, as a result of its infrastructure we can run the course as smooth and time efficient as possible!

To prepare those instructors who want to work in France for the French lifesaving standards we will also show you how to use fins (flippers) - please bring these with you for the course if you are interested in this fin lifesaving training!

Fuerteventura. Accommodation is in 4-person-rooms. The exact course location and description will be sent with the course manuals.

Getting there

Train and ferry: From Cadiz (South Spain) takes you to Lanzarote (80 €), from there you get to Corralejo in Fuerte by another ferry. From France / Portugal: Nighttrain from Dax via Irun / Hendaye to Lissabon (, train to Faro, bus to Sevilla, and train to Cadiz - definitely not the fastest way to get there, but ecological and a really interesting trip - I did this trip in 2011.

Flight: e.g. with, or to Fuerteventura.

  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age on the date of assessment
  • Be able to swim 400 metres in a swimming pool (no time limit)
  • Be medically and physically fit


  • Complete the registration form incl. the course date with all required fields.
  • Your registration automatically (and FOR FREE) makes you an Austrian Surfing 1 - the 1st Austrian Surfing Club community member, which is a prerequisite for participating in the course and being awarded the accreditation
  • Payment of course fee to reserve a place
  • You are receiving the invoice, the course manuals, etc. as soon as (and only if!) you have made the payment AND registered; the invoice is also the reservation of your place!


  • Complete the syllabus for assessment
  • The assessment may be completed in sections providing that ALL sections are completed within three calendar months
  • Candidates MUST complete Section 1 (Fitness) before completing Section 2 (Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue)
  • Should the Assessment be completed over a 3 month period, the 24 month validity will commence from the date on which the first section was completed
  • When the award is renewed, the candidate may complete the Assessment one month prior to the expiration date of the old award. In this case the 24 month period will start on the expiration date of the old award


1) Fitness Test & Releases:

  • Complete a swim of 200 metres in the sea

2) Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue

  • Demonstrate two releases selected by the assessor
  • In open water, demonstrate effectively the ability to carry out the following:
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of all signals
  • Swim 100 metres (fins optional) to an unconscious, nonbreathing patient. Demonstrate deep water EAV during which time the patient shall be deemed to have become conscious. Bring the patient to shore and demonstrate appropriate aftercare. The exercise must be carried out under simulated rescue conditions with an appropriate attempt to perform the rescue ‘as quickly as possible’
  • Rescue an unconscious, non-breathing patient 150 metres from the shore using a rescue board
  • Demonstrate deep water supported EAV and return with the patient to the shore
  • Rescue a conscious patient from the sea (approx. 50m from shore) without equipment demonstrating appropriate patient management and care
  • Acting as a Lifeguard, as team leader and as part of a team, initiate the appropriate procedures at an incident and provide aftercare for 1 or 2 patients from a previously unknown simulated emergency situation. At the completion of the test, complete an Incident Report form
  • As part of a team, rescue a prone patient with a suspected spinal injury and remove to safety
  • Demonstrate appropriate action and aftercare
  • Answer 5 questions from the work sheets (Beach Environment section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 4 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • Answer 10 questions from the work sheets (Lifeguard Techniques section) without referring to any notes.
  • A mark of at least 8 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • Answer 5 questions from the work sheets (Communication section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 4 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • Using a live simulated unconscious patient (not a manikin) demonstrate: Scene safety and assessment, Turning a patient from prone to supine, Open the airway & check for signs of life, The action for vomiting and blockages, The recovery position and aftercare.
  • Using a suitable adult manikin, demonstrate CPR and the use of supplementary oxygen via an effective method
  • Obtain an airway on a suspected spinal injury patient using jaw thrust
  • Demonstrate CPR on a Child manikin and Baby manikin

3) First Aid

  • Acting individually, initiate the appropriate procedures at an incident and provide the aftercare 1 patient from a previously unknown simulated first aid situation
  • Answer 10 questions from the work sheets (First Aid and Resuscitation section) without referring to any notes.

24 months from the date of the assessment. After these 24 months, the lifesaving course has to be completed again.

Please pay the course fees per bank transfer to the following account:

Oesterreichischer Wellenreitverband - Austrian Surfing
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Rathausplatz 2
3100 St. Poelten
IBAN: AT141200051467026415


It is NOT possible to pay in cash on the spot for legal reasons. If the money transfer has not arrived in our account by the start of the course, a 50 € processing fee applies.

The invoice (= reservation of your place) and the course manuals, info sheets etc. will be sent out after the full course fee has arrived on our account.

Cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation until 3 months before the course start or cancellation due to exceptional incidents (i.e. if Austrian Surfing cannot run the course): Only a 50 € booking fee applies. This booking fee covering our administrative office services (course lists, emails, invoices, etc.) applies for every booking and can under no circumstances be reduced or waived.
  • Cancellation between 3 months and 1 month before the course start: 100 € are charged.
  • Cancellation between 1 month and 2 weeks before the course start: 50% of the course fees are charged.
  • Cancellation within 2 weeks before the course start: 80% of the course fees are charged.
  • No-show: Full course fee is charged.
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